Progressive Recovery Coach Training

Whether you want to help a loved one, shift careers, grow your professional coaching or health care practice, or reduce health care costs in your company, you would definitely benefit from our training. Upon completion of our certificate course, you could become part of our premiere Progressive Recovery Coach Network , which helps addicted individuals and/or their families via in-person, telephone, text-based or online video coaching.

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Progressive Recovery Coach Training (PRCT) program teaches trainees the 4 main activities of a PRC. They are best remembered with the acronym, "N.E.A.R.," which stands for Navigation, Engagement, Accompaniment & Reduction of Relapses, and because a PRC is always near his/her client.  It is a 16-lesson course divided into the 4 modules below.

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Certification Path : To become a Certified Progressive Recovery Coach (CPRC), trainees must take all 12 online/mobile video lessons listed below (Lessons 1-12) and all 7, 1.5-hour Live Discussion Calls (1 for each of the first 3 modules and 1 for each the last 4 lessons, i.e., 13-16), as well as, complete all assignments, conduct 10 hours of Progressive Recovery Coaching with at least 1 no-fee coaching client, and an oral exam (See "Certificate PRCT Course" on the Purchase a Training Program page).

Non-Certification Path : Trainees not wishing to become certified at this time, may either take all 12 online/mobile video lessons and the 3 Live Discussion Calls for modules 1-3 (See "Non-Certifcate PRCT Course w/Discussion Calls for Modules 1-3" on the Training Registration page) or just the 12 online/mobile lessons (See "Non-Certificate PRCT Course w/o Discussion Calls" on the Purchase a Training Program page).

Alternately, any of the modules and live discussion calls may be taken separately.  However, a live discussion call may only be taken once its corresponding lessons have been completed.

See the "Purchase a Training Program" tab above for information on how to purchase the complete program, or individual modules and lessons.

Module I - NAVIGATION...Navigating the complex addiction treatment world (5 Lessons)

Lesson 1 : Why Become a Progressive Recovery Coach ?
Lesson 2 : Diagnosis: What is Addiction, Exactly?
Lesson 3 : Assessment: How Bad Is It?
Lesson 4 : Treatment: What Can Be Done About It?
Lesson 5 : Navigation: How To Find Evidence-Based Treatment

Module II - ENGAGEMENT...Moving People Toward Treatment (3 Lessons)

Lesson 6 : Client-Directed & General Coaching Strategies
Lesson 7a : Evidence-Based Engagement Strategies, Part 1: Ultra-Brief Motivational Interviewing (An evidece-based alternative to traditional "Interventions" and Al-Anon)
Lesson 7b : Evidence-Based Engagement Strategies, Part 2: Community Reinforcement Approach plus Family Training or CRAFT (Another evidence-based alternative to traditional "Interventions" and Al-Anon)

Module III - Improving Treatment Outcomes Through Coaching (3 Lessons)

Lesson 8 : ACCOMPANIMENT ...Being There for Clients During Treatment- and Recovery-Related Activities
Lesson 9 : REDUCTION of Lapses and Relapses
Lesson 10 : Putting It All Together : Moving People to Action with Progressive Recovery Coaching

Module IV - Working as a Progressive Recovery Coach (6 Lessons)

Lesson 11 : Ethical & Legal Considerations for a Progressive Recovery Coach
Lesson 12 : Core Coaching Competencies & Certification
Lessons 13-16 : Feedback & Reinforcement of Progressive Recovery Coach Skills with Practice Clients (all 4 of these lessons are Group LIVE calls)

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