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Do you wish you could motivate your loved one to engage in addiction treatment?

Are you worried that your clients, employees and/or members are not getting the best addiction treatment?

Are you a coach or health care provider who would like to better help your clients/patients with substance use issues?

Are you an individual struggling with a substance use issue?

If you said yes to any of the above, you could be helped by a...

...Professional Addiction Recovery Coach .

At CPR, our MISSION is substance use HELP FOR ALL.

We do this by leveraging science and mobile technologies to train and match recovery coaches with families, businesses, organizations and affected individuals to help them make the best use of scientifically-proven treatment.

...FOR ALL (the easiest way to learn more): Check out our NEW text-based recovery coaching web app at and sign up for a FREE trial (no obligation or credit card info required).

...FOR FAMILIES: Learn about a brief, scientifically-proven method for motivating your loved one to engage in treatment, by clicking here or here .

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...FOR COACHES & HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS: Become a coach yourself and have your own private practice by taking my professional-grade, online Progressive Recovery Coach Training course , which includes live calls with myself. Finally get all of the answers you need and coach your clients, patients and loved ones to recovery.

...FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH SUBSTANCE USE ISSUES: Learn how working with a Progressive Recovery Coach, which can be done remotely, can help you get your recovery on track with scientifically-supported (non-12-step) coaching by clicking here .

My name is Dr. Michael Pantalon and I’m the co-founder of the Center for Progressive Recovery, LLC , or CPR .  I have been a Yale School of Medicine faculty member for 21 years and an addiction and mental health expert in private practice for over two decades. However, I am most passionate about, even beyond the discovery of new treatments, is helping everyone with a substance use problem to access effective treatment.