Progressive Motivation Coach Training

Because motivation is a critical issue in all types of professional coaching, epsecially in recovery coaching, we at CPR have also developed a Progressive Motivation Coach Training (PMCT) program for individuals wishing to specialize in working with clients who already know what they need to do, but who need help getting motivated.  Like with the Progressive Recovery Coach Training program, the PMCT program is build around evidence-based motivational change strategies for coaches, especially Instant InfluenceTM, Dr. Pantalon's ultra-brief adaptation of motivational interviewing.  Not only will you learn how to use Instant InfluenceTM, but you will become a certified Instant InfluenceTM Trainer.

PMCT Overview

For the Certificate PMCT Course, each of the lessons below is comprised of a 1.5-hour pre-recorded video lecture, 1.5 hours of reading and other assignements, and 4, 1.5-hour Discussion Calls (times TBD w/trainees), conducted over

For the Non-Certificate PMCT Course, each of the lessons below is comprised of a 1.5-hour pre-recorded video lecture and 1.5 hours of reading and other assignments (NO Live calls).

Lesson 1: Why Become a Progressive Motivation Coach?
Lesson 2: Client-Directed & General Coaching Strategies
Lesson 3: The Current State of Motivational Interviewing in Coaching
Lesson 4: Instant InfluenceTM, Part I-The Basics
Lesson 5: Instant InfluenceTM, Part II-Getting to Deeper Motives
Lesson 6: Instant InfluenceTM, Part III-Moving People to Action
Lesson 7: Instant InfluenceTM, Part IV-Putting It All Together
Lesson 8: Self-Determination Theory & Self-Efficacy
Lesson 9: The Brief Negotiation Interview (another evidence-based adaptation of motivational interviewing)
Lesson 10: Contingency Management & Other Learning Theory-Based Strategies
Lesson 11: Belief-Based Strategies & Ethical Guidelines for Professional Coaches
Lesson 12: Psychodynamic Strategies, Core Competencies & Certification
Lessons 13-16: Instant InfliuenceTM Training of Trainers

Please click here for pricing or email us for more information.  Thanks again for your interest in our training offerings.