Addiction Treatment

Dr. Pantalon's private practice, is also progressive as he brings forward-thinking and scientifically-proven ideas to addiction treatment, such as...

* You  know what treatment will work for you (you pick from a wide array of scientifically-proven treatments vs. the traditional idea that others should decide for you).

* You already have the power to change (vs. it comes from admitting powerlessness).

* You  are your own best source of motivation (vs. it comes from external pressure or a higher power).


So, why can't you direct your own rehab?  Well, now you can in Dr. Pantalon's practice, which offers…

...YOUR rehab,  YOUR way. 


For more information, call us at 203-506-3134 or email us at 

CPT is BEST FOR those who have not reached their goals with traditional treatment, as well as, adolescents, young adults, parents, corporate executives and business owners.

If you're looking to address your or a loved one's addiction in an alternative, science-based, outpatient manner, please contact us for more information.  Dr. Pantalon will personally reply and answer all of your questions within 1 business day of your call. 


It's totally up to you, but we're here if you need us...