Are you worried that your client, employee or loved one is not getting the best addiction treatment?
Are you confused about exactly what kind of treatment they need?
Are they chronically relapsing?  
Are you having a hard time motivating them to engage in treatment?
Are you worried about the high cost of treatment?

If so, take my professional-grade, online Progressive Recovery Coach Training course, which includes live calls with myself. Finally, get all of the answers you need and coach your loved one or client to recovery. 
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To learn more about why I developed this course, read on...

The Surprising Truth About Addiction Treatment

Over the course of my career, hundreds of desperate and confused professionals, employers and parents have asked me the same heart-wrenching questions about their client's, employee's or loved one's addiction…

·      Should I send him/her to rehab?

·      Should we do an intervention to get him/her to go?

·      Is there a list of the top treatment centers?

Nearly 100% of the time, my answer to each of these questions is a resounding, “No." In fact, my 20+ year career in addiction research and clinical practice has lead me to the following 3 surprising truths about addiction treatment:

·      We have treatments that work, but we’re not using them.

·      Motivating someone to enter treatment is difficult but totally doable with the right strategies.

·      You need help to get good help.

These truths are a clarion call for a new and radically different starting point for addiction treatment where professionals, employers and parents can help their clients, employees and loved ones get the best help possible.

My name is Dr. Michael Pantalon and I’m the co-founder and CEO of the Center for Progressive Recovery, LLC, or CPR.  I have been a Yale School of Medicine faculty member for 17 years and an addiction expert in private practice for over two decades. However, the thing I am most passionate about, even beyond the discovery of new treatments, is helping everyone with an addiction to access effective treatment.  

My MISSION is addiction HELP FOR ALL by leveraging science and mobile technologies to train recovery coaches, and to connect families and addicted individuals to scientifically-validated treatments.

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