Sign up for Recovery Coaching with Mike by 1/20/15 and get $500 off the total package price.

With Mike’s 6-Month Recovery Coaching Package (for family members or affected individuals) you get:

* 3 phone or in-person (New Haven only) recovery coaching sessions per month, which will help you... 
     -navigate the addictiohn treatment 
     -motivate yourself or a loved one to start treatments
     -accompany a loved one through the process of recovery
     -reduce the chances of relapse

* 3 “spot coaching” calls (10-15 min) per month so that we may address recovery issues as they come up naturally (a KEY to success)

* Unlimited email support (questions answered and tips given as soon as possible)

* The power of Mike’s evidence-based strategies for finding the best possible addiction treatment and creating the outcomes you desire.

Your investment:

$6,000 for 6 months OR $5,500 for 6 months, if you sign up by 1/20/15. 

To sign up, please email me at info@centerforprogressiverecovery.com.

I can’t wait to work with you and help you achieve all the recovery success you are looking for!


Only 1 out of every 10 individuals with an addiction is in treatment and fewer still are in scientifically-validated (i.e., "evidence-based") programs. However, there is no single professional whose main focus is to facilitate successful treatment engagement.  Worse yet, we are severely underutilizing the available scientific knowldege and mobile technologies that could drastically change this situation.

With your help, this ends today. 

My name is Dr. Michael Pantalon and I’m the co-founder and CEO of the Center for Progressive Recovery, LLC, or CPR.  I have been a Yale School of Medicine faculty member for 17 years and an addiction expert in private practice for over two decades. However, the thing I am most passionate about, even beyond the discovery of new treatments, is helping everyone with an addiction to access effective treatment.  

My MISSION is addiction HELP FOR ALL by leveraging science and mobile technologies to train recovery coaches, and to connect families and addicted individuals to scientifically-validated treatments.

Why might you join me in this effort and consider becoming a Progressive Recovery Coach, or a PRC? Learn more by clicking on the "Progressive Recovery Coach Training" tab above.

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